TL Channel Manager

Sell rooms in several online channels

Work with 102 online sales platforms via a single interface. Check overall stats and track every channel’s efficiency. Manage, control, plan, save time and effort, and increase online revenue.

Work with all sales platforms in one account

Manage and 101 others
Streamline your work
Be in charge of your sales performance
Rest assured of your data safety

Steady as a rock

With high stability and remarkable performance, award-winning TL Channel Manager updates data across all of your active channels in just 5 to 7 seconds. The probability that somebody books the same room via another platform, while the data is being updated is as low as 0.1% (as confirmed by

Use profitable sales platforms

Choose your own fortune channel pack based on your hotel’s placement and other specifics. Use small local channels as well as with big players, like Airbnb,, Expedia, etc. Measure each channel’s efficiency and invest more effort into those that bring you the most guests.

Complete your tasks faster

Complete your tasks faster

You and your managers spend an immense amount of time logging into all the channels’ accounts, not to mention times when you need to repeat price changes across multiple channels by hand. Free this time by logging in and changing once. Plus, it’ll protect from human error that might mix pricing in one channel.

No more overbooking

Listings usually include the same rooms on all channels. If one guest booked the last room on one channel and another guest booked the same room through a different channel before the information was updated, it leads to overbooking.

Thanks to 5-second TL Channel Manager’s average update speed, the chance of this collision is barely noticeable. Our partner’s system detected only 1 case out of 1000 when a user booked the room before the 5-second threshold.

No more overbooking

Grow your online income

Guests might prefer different channels to book a room. Use more platforms and cover more internet users who're traveling and their preferences.

Analyze and adapt your sales strategy by looking at detailed reports that TL Channel Manager generate.

Transmit every detail

TL Channel Manager pricing

TL Channel Manager
102 sales channels
Tech support and professional consulting
Integration with the TL Booking Engine
and other TL tools

TL Channel Manager FAQ TL Channel Manager

1 What services work with TL Channel Manager?

The channel manager is integrated with a TravelLine booking engine. When a reservation is made via the booking engine on your website, availability is automatically adjusted in all sales channels.

It also works with the order reversed — when a reservation is made via any sales channel, website availability is adjusted right away.

TL Channel Manager is also integrated with popular PMSs. Upload price rates and availability to your management system as usual, and TL Channel Manager will deliver it to your sales channels.
All reservations made via the channels will be registered in your PMS automatically.

2 What if we don’t use any PMS?

If you don’t use a PMS, you’ll be able to manage your online sales via the channels from the TravelLine account.

3 How to activate new channels?

You’ll see all available channels in your TL Channel Manager account, along with an instruction on how to activate each of them.

The activation procedure depends on each sales channel’s peculiarities. The process usually includes these steps:
you send a request, receive a confirmation, and match room categories and price rates in a channel and in your TravelLine account.
When you’re done, you start automatic data exchange with the channel.

4 How much time it takes to update data across channels?

A reservation is delivered from a sales channel to your hotel in 3–7 seconds. It takes just as much for a channel to receive price rates or availability updates.
You can track delivery of any update in your TL Channel Manager account.

5 Is it safe?

The channel manager works in accordance with international PCI DSS standards. For instance, temporary login credentials are generated to access a guest's payment card,
and are deleted after the guest checks out.

Data is exchanged under a strict security policy, which means that all information is fully secured when being transferred to any sales channel.